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Thread: Very Basic Clan Arena guide by hansgruber

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    Very Basic Clan Arena guide by hansgruber

    - Get in position, at start or rushing opponents, to 5v1, 4v1, 3V1 or at least 2v1. 5V5 on bridge? Concentrate on one, then that other one, then that other one...

    I changed your life? I know, youre welcome.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER : This technique showed few results with stairs nading seashells, standing still at start FFists, people with no idea of what a yellow triangle looks like, and rushing to the back pussicats aka "omg i saw three greenies at my team's meeting point, let's run away". Reading http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...de-by-Grrrdian might be helpful.
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