Now let's make this clear: I'm not saying "change default countdown times for FT or CA", this is about adding the option in create-a-match to adjust it. I sent this suggestion directly to support and since they suggest posting it here I'll do that too. I fully expect this to get round about 0 replies because it's probably a pretty marginal thing but let's see.

So yeah I have reasons why I'd like to increase it back to 10 or even 30 seconds for some custom modes. In case you're interested here's why:
- for some of my modes players have to jot down their scores manually because of changes to scoring system: this takes a bit to do so I want to give them plenty of time.
- it also leaves more time to discuss strategies for the coming round. (might not hurt public CA either as only top-tier players will always find and get to their team mates in time)
- Maybe you could try just 3 seconds to see what happens... meaning you can't always rely on the same strategies time and time again but think more on your feet, maybe just finding one team mate is the best you can do. Would be refreshing to see wouldn't it?

So yeah this didn't start as a "change the default" thread but maybe there's something to this. What do you think? Don't bother with just "lolca" or "no" pls, you're wasting everyone's time without being quite as funny as you think.