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Thread: Bot weapon selections

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    Junior Member Hemmingfish is on a distinguished road
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    Bot weapon selections

    I play quake live exclusively against bots, but the thing that annoys me the most about them is that they're allowed to favourite the machinegun. This results in one team getting absolutely destroyed because the bot that picked the machinegun as their weapon can't do anywhere near as much damage as the others and usually winds up at a -25 spread or below with damage right at the bottom of the scoreboard.

    Please change it so they have to favourite one of the other weapons.
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    Junior Member guran33 is on a distinguished road
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    I'm pretty sure that different bots still have different favorite weapons, Crash prefer the shotgun for example, Xaero the railgun and Hunter the lightning gun.. At least that's how it worked in Quake 3.

    So hand pick the bots and it should be no problem.

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    Senior Member drunkenFooL will become famous soon enough
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    Favorite starting weapons for bots (not sure if these have changed recently though) - courtesy of Lorfa post #5


    This might also interest you.

    and the ketnar super bot too

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    Something I've noticed: if a bot has a certain fave weapon and it doesn't spawn on the map, they never pick up any weapons at all. Observed with Bones (sg?) on Toxicity, which has no sg.

    Obviously you can pick ones that perform well on a given map. Maybe it's even good to have one that behaves in a strange way like this, it emulates spawn-killing through the whole match.

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    Member Kabuto is on a distinguished road
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    For Q3 there was a bot, who could do strafe jumps.
    Anyone know the name of that bot?

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    Some bots are worse than others. I usually avoid Bones and Crash. Anarki, Hossman and Xaero do pretty well.

    If you're in the mood for more of a challenge:

    /bot_thinktime 0
    /bot_challenge 1

    This will improve their aim, reaction time, and even make them dodge a bit.

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