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Thread: new ATI drivers work yet?

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    new ATI drivers work yet?

    Hey, do the newer Catalyst drivers still cause a problem in QLive and other OpenGL games?

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    The driver problems had nothing to do with the game itself.... The drivers were just crappy. I cant remember which drivers i used when i had the issue... so im just guna wait for 10.8 to come out. To be safe, im using the original drivers that came with my card :/

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    It's fixed in 10.7
    Only 10.5 and 10.6 had the issue it seems. I always used the newest driver btw.

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    I've been playing in 10.7 on my 4890 and the graphical glitches appear to be gone. It may depend on which card you are using though. IIRC someone reported there were still issues on their 5xxx series card.

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    I have a hd3850 and all the lights are far too bright. Is anyone else having this problem ? I am on the 10.7 drivers and i never used to have a problem running vertex light but since the update i can't use vertex light at all as the floor is just white and if i use lightmap the lights are still too bright. I tried changing settings but it did not work. anyone have any ideas ? someone told me i have to swap out an opengl.dll file is that correct ?

    coldwar on lightmap with low brightness
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