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Thread: "Hogans Alley" Duel map

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    [update] "Hogans Alley" Duel map renamed to "Nemesis" and finished it


    renamed the map to Nemesis
    finished lightning
    finished vis portals
    retextured some parts and brought in some new textures

    made a youtube video


    Ok guys thanks for your replies, i have fixed what you´ve been mentioning and i hope its all nice and shiny now

    I brought in some new textures to get some more variety and put a lot of time in setting up vis portals:
    i didnt get how those work for a while but finally i think i got it right.

    only 2 things left disturbing me:

    i got them moving patches, they get out of shape depending on which angle they be loked at

    and then i wanted to use the texture /shw/cobaltborder_black which has a shiny metall shader but ql doesnt seem to have this texture (anymore mb). so i tried to apply the shader on an other texture, but this doesnt work i just get a shiny white surface. i used this shader:

    textures/shw/cobaltborder_black_2 (path to my edited texture)
    qer_editorimage textures/shw/cobaltborder_black_2.tga

    map textures/base_wall/chrome_env2.tga
    rgbGen identity
    tcGen environment
    tcmod scale .25 .25

    map textures/shw/cobaltborder_black_2.tga
    rgbGen identity
    map $lightmap
    blendfunc filter
    rgbGen identity

    Thats about it so far, would be nice to get some more feedback and testing of the map.


    "Hogans Alley" by Marvin Pofahl

    Filename: hogansalley.pk3
    Status: almost done
    Gametypes: duel, ffa, 2v2 tdm
    Recommended Players: 2-8

    Hey guys,

    i made this duel map over like the last year and i put a lot of effort in it: spending lots of thoughts about the gameplay especially for duel. Now im past the building process but still got some trouble. Im playing quake since Q3 beta and i think i know what a map needs to be playable in duel but this is my first own map and i had and have to learn all that mapping stuff.

    remaining problems:
    -Framedrops! (maybe my vis portals sucks idk)
    -Patch issues (at some places they fit from distance but move out of shape when getting closer (subdivisions))
    -lightning (in ql the lightning looks dull)

    If here are some more experienced mappers who would like to help me a bit, this would be very nice

    Im open for any suggestions also gameplay wise, but keep in mind that i already thought a lot about the map and that every change has many dependencies.

    ps. you can also find me in irc at #radiant, #tdmpickup or mail me to [email protected]
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    Firstly, an absolutely outstanding map. You've clearly put alot of time and effort into it. I love it.

    Heres a few things I noticed:

    2 brushes overlapping?

    Miss-aligned texture:

    Seems to be repeated everywhere the same texture is used:

    This metal texture seems a bit bland. Maybe you could put something else here, or just make the texture fit a little better:

    It looks like you've used 2 brushes to make this little metal trim between the ceiling plates. You could optimize the map a little by using only 1 brush:

    This isn't an issue, but I just wanted to point out that I love this little area when you can watch the RA. A railgun through that gap would be lethal :

    Thats about all I can find. Like I say, outstanding map, which I will most likely play with my friend. I will post again once I've tested it in a proper duel match.

    Great work!

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    I've just run about on it for 5 min on my own, I think you've put it together very well, the texturing job is also seems to be very cleanly done, certainly nothing jumped out immediately as problematic in that short run around, well done!

    My only criticism would be that it's all very plain, there's no colour/texture variation anywhere so it's all the samey which is a shame, it's also not good for helping newer players learn a map quickly.

    Wish I could try it with some players and get a real feel for the gameplay, I'll have to try some bots later.

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