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Thread: Hello Quake Live!

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    Hello Quake Live!

    Hello, I'm interested in to join a clan in quake live. Quake Live is new to me but i'm a 11 year quake veteran. I'm switching over from Q3A to quake live. I was a fairly active instaunlagged player in Q3A (*F8*Gr1mDeath*) till it died. then i went to Freezedt. (^2a8^Hydra*, as well as other clans that came and went like U92, and qE). After Freezedt died off, I went to eFreeze. (^WaR^Beasta, and was in _dC-/ when WaR died off) I am looking for a active clan that likes to have fun and scrim. I am open to all game types. Im a very active player that puts the team first and will add knowledge and skill to a team. Thank you.

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    <DNA> Drunk North America is a branch of drunk clan that plays a lot of FT and Ufreeze.
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    If you don't need the play to be competitive, there's our casual clan which plays NEW game modes. It's a bit quiet right now but maybe it'll pick up in the Summer (most of our players have families and are therefore subject to the laws of IRL).

    The thread has all the info you'd need.


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