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Thread: Duel tips

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    Duel tips

    Hi, can someone review my demos? I still lose to ~1100 elo guys in Duel, even though i time my items and have decent aim (+30%).

    I dont know what I'm doing wrong, I do fine in CA and public TDM/CTF but i lose to people in DUEL whom i feel i should own easily.

    You need to rename the demo files to .dm_90, because attachments only support dm_73 files -_-
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    Bad weapon choices.

    Inefficient, indecisive backtracking.

    Making too much noise (more walk key).

    Don't always take aim with the RL, sometimes just shoot.

    Sometimes take most obvious route from spawn making spawn kills easier for the opponent.

    Bad habit of turning away from opponent shooting at you, as if this will help you not to get hit.

    Positioning issues. Need to ask: am I in the best position to defend an area, initiate a fight, or grab an item?

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    Watched the first on ZTN, I'm no expert. I'll write down everything I can remember:

    You don't commit to any fight. As soon as rockets starts flying you bail out.
    Even when you are like 200 150 you won't take a fight.

    It looks like you are always on the run, stand your ground and dodge his attacks instead of panicking.
    Like 2 times you "fell" off the nade platform while being stacked when you desperately needed frags.

    You go for items when you should look for a frag instead, you don't need to take RA/MH as soon as it spawns if your opponent can't get to it without passing you.

    I don't remember seeing you "on the hunt" one time in the match. Sometimes you just have to go after the opponent with the intention of killing him.

    One time you had like 150 hp and close to 200 armor and sitting on RA waiting for it. The opponent was at the nade platform behind the wall. You could have slid down and gotten a frag. Instead you were waiting for RA, got it which was like 20-40 armor and then you got shot down to rail. Missed opportunity.

    It's also possible to rocket jump up to the nade platform and when dropping for mega you can turn around and shoot rails up at the opponent standing on the nade platform.

    One time you were stacked but just let him take the mega while you were at YA spamming mega with rockets.

    You use LG when you should use rocket, which is understandable since your RL is awful. Don't shoot in the air, be patient and shoot at the feet. You don't have to fire as fast as the reload time. Mouse movement should be more controlled.
    When the opponent stood on sg and spammed rockets into the YA-RA corridor you jumped out with LG? You know you will eat rockets and hitting LG while being bounced around is hard.

    You jump too much and around corners so you get caught in rocket spam and stuff.

    Make a habit of always looking at your opponent or where you think he will emerge. Maybe focus more now on paying attention to where you think your opponent is and less on just getting to the items as fast as possible.
    There are plenty of traps you can set on ZTN if you can read your opponent better.
    Rails at the tele exits, rocket or shotgun from shotgun (or rails from the nade platform) when the opponent is coming from upper YA to RA, LG from nade platform when opponent is jumping to RA, rails from below when opponent is jumping to RA, rockets from RL position when opponent is coming through the shards tunnel coming to RL, rockets when opponent is dropping down from upper YA to LG etc.
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