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Thread: Cm/360...lol

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    So I'm solidly conversant with this game. I've been playing AFPS games for over a decade and I got back to QL after a break and it felt odd at start ofc cause of break. I got used to it pretty quick again, playing random matches, wasn't messing with much .cfg settings. Can't even remember what settings I've used...

    Here's a strange thing to me, when I first started playing after break, few seconds of 1. game I changed mouse sensitivity to my custom. Well ok, but while being in Quake universe I've keep seeing people talk about Cm/360 and it felt weird to me how there are some extreme ones, so I checked mine...

    Now, that corresponds to ~2cm/360 which seems like I'm moving mouse on atomic level for movement compared to some others, lol.
    But later on I remembered I actually used lower sens when I played Q3A and QL before. Not sure exactly which sens. Current one seems ok.

    Now I know that this thing is a personal preference but I feel like I'm on one side extreme here, lol. Some say that high sens can hurt aim compared to low sens. That can still be a personal preference since I've seen people have way low sens and like me very high sens and both variants can aim as good.
    It's strange to me seeing how others "ride" their mouse across the large mouse mat which sensitivity is waaaay different than current mine. I used lower sens before but not something like that.

    My settings:
    - Windows pointer speed 6/11 (default)
    - Enhance pointer precision, disabled.
    - In-game mouse sensitivity 10.00 (default is 5)
    - No acceleration used
    - DPI 2400

    Now I'm just curious what you use/used and how long you play, also how would you describe your different mouse sensitivity settings, like how it felt!

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    I used about 9cm in Q3A for many years, QL too until I started lowering it some to improve my accuracy. As I was mostly FFA speed mattered more than accuracy, and I used to get away with never using the LG, but against top tier players you can't do that, you can't really do it in other modes either.
    I've never quite settled on anything since though, ranging from 12cm to 22cm and varying no accel and accel methods, lg against strong dodging players is definitely better with the lower sens.

    If you actually measured it and it was 2cm, that is extremely high even for pure wrist only play.

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    I've been playing fps games on and off for almost 20 years.

    I've used just about every sens level imaginable.

    If I wasn't using accel, I'd probably be using around 20 cm/360.

    Sensitivity is a means to an end and not an end unto itself. It's about control.

    A balance has to be struck between the many different types of mouse motions the game requires, in addition to what is physically comfortable for you personally in your physical situation.

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    I don't recommend faster than 15 cm/360 or 6 inches/360. Also, that's a weird CPI setting, OP. What mouse are you using?

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    I've tried everything, been playing quake for 14/15 years. CM/360 is something I've been kinda fascinated by because it really can determine how fast and precise you can be in a given game. I'm now using 34cm/360. Recently I was using 37cm/360 but I was a bit too slow in certain situations as although having the extra accuracy with a low sens is great, you still have to appreciate quake is a fast game and movement is still important.
    For myself I believe I could perform as good as I do with anything between 29 and 35cm for a 360. You need to experiment and find your sweet spot, I think most people should be able to aim reasonably well on anything above 15cm/360 especially if they have a good mouse and monitor and no mouse acceleration.

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    Wow OP... sensitivity 10 @ 2400dpi - that must be extremely fast sens. I play .6 sensitivity @1200dpi.

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    Playing on 52cm/360 atm, it's a bit crazy. Might go back up to 35cm/360 though, I'm not sure yet.

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    Playing on 13cm/360 no accel (wrist player) and im compfortable with it since i track the centimeters. Back in UT3 and before (played only offline till 2006) i was using a way higher sens but still not 2cm/360. Thats crazy man

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    As the expression goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you are playing at 2 cm/360 and getting 30-40% or more on your LG accuracy and rail, then good for you. If your accuracy is in the teens, then perhaps you should at least try a lower sensitivity. I couldn't imagine being able to get long distance rails or flick rails with that kind of setting - every millimeter moves the crosshair several hundred pixels.

    EDIT: OP, Looking at your profile, your accuracy is quite low and you seem to lean on the rocket launcher and plasma (splash guns), which would suggest that a lower sensitivity could increase your accuracy. If other people on the server seem to be more confident using the LG and rail which are hitscan, then you should consider making changes which could improve your aim.

    Personally, I play as ~33 cm/360, which is 0.725 sensitivity on a 1750 DPI mouse (G100s).
    Last edited by TurtleBay; 01-25-2015 at 09:44 AM.

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    your perfect sensitivity consists of a couple of things you need to find for yourself.

    1:how well you can move around, extreme example being Turbo
    2:how well you can aquire your target
    3:how well you can track it
    4:how well you can flick

    you should try to go as low as possible, to improve your tracking, without sacrificing movement, aquisition and flicking.
    id say at 2cm/360 youre not going to perform well in all 4 points.

    mouse movement consists of 4 "layers":

    1:upper arm
    2:lower arm

    at 2/360 youre only using your fingers so youre missing out on 3 layers!
    for example, i use my lower arm for movement, rocketjumps etc. the occasional 180 rocket. my wrist does the looking around part once i face the right direction. it is also used for target aquisition and for some closer range aim and flicking.
    lastly my fingers (i hold my mouse with my fingers, not claw, not palm) do the fine aiming, like far range LGing railing etc.

    strafe LGing will work in tier 2-3 but not in t4 and you wont hit a thing if you lg someone far away with 2/360. it will look like youre trying to smack them left and right with a big energy stick.

    go lower lower lower, until you become too slow at aquiring your target, then go a little up again or think about accel.
    quake requires all kinds of aiming, not like in cs where you mostly know where to expect the enemy and can ignore movement or things like 180 degree aquisition much more.

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