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Thread: Unification 2 arena + 1 CA

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    Unification 2 arena + 1 CA

    Hi guys, I just show a map that I had started and that may please you, there are two arenas for 2 against 2, which are connected to form a clan arena 4 against 4, that's only Clan arena at this moment

    first map 2 v 2 :

    Second map 2 v 2/3 v 3 :

    Unification 4 v 4/5 v 5 :

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    Looks nice, especially the lighting. What is the green thing seeable near the stairs leading to two gargoyles passage? If this is a pit players can fall into, it has the potential to make the map less playable, especially if it is designed for CA. Pits are acceptable in FFA where you immediately spawn again, what is not the case in CA.

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