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Thread: I didnt see this posted ? Winter edge bug

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    I didnt see this posted ? Winter edge bug

    There is a bug in the elevator shaft of the winters edge map unless you wanted to make hidden objects in the shaft. It allows a player to stand on the center "bulbs" on 2 different spots in the shaft. Just needs a quick fix.

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    Also when riding up the elevator and your model is standing under these lights it causes the elevator to move back down. One other bug I noticed is that the elevator doesn't move when standing on it. You have to jump or get off then back on. I think ID needs to call a elevator repair person to fix this issue!

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    Actually, the elevator does move when you stand on it - except when you stand on its edges. At the bottom of the shaft, try jumping onto it all the way to the back of the platform - it will not rise until you move a bit to the middle. It's always been this way.

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