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Thread: Image shader missing in GtkRadiant

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    Image shader missing in GtkRadiant

    My GtkRadiant 1.6.4 install is clean and all the QL .PK3 are in the baseq3 wolfcam folder. When i go to Textures -> Base -> Base_Wall there is a few textures that have a preview with a small icon next to it with the text "Image shader missing". If i select the texture and then go back to the texture browser the texture preview disapear and there is only the small "Image shader missing" icon left.


    I would greatly apreciate any help to fix this.

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    This could be caused by id's material packing system. Image shader missing means that the shader script is referring to an image that is not available (obviously). Now there could be multiple reasons:

    1. This particular shader was never used in a QL map so the automatic packing id use did not pick it up to ship it with an update. There would be nothing you can do here. (The shader does still show up because it is part of the base_wall.shader file which contains all the other shaders too, however the textures referenced by that shader are missing - If you can't follow please watch: http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...diant&p=246135 at 18:00 minutes - Edit: or read: http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...der-The-Basics)

    2. The editor image of said shader was not shipped with the game for some reason. You can check that by opening the base_wall.shader inside your quakelive pk3 files (I think it is in pak0.pk3/scripts) and look up the particular shader name. There you will see what textures are referenced and can check if they are in place.

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