Okay, so I know games can't be perfectly balanced. I know people will always quit, or set up new accounts so they can play noobs again, and all the other stuff that goes on. But there are a few things that can be done to make it better, or at least to penalize players for some of the things that unbalance games

Firstly, When you see the loadout screen and the big shiny "Join match" button, there is nothing to tell you whether joining will unbalance the teams. Yes, I know you can use the smaller, less shiny "spectate" button, but people don't do that. So, how about the "Join now" button takes you to the screen showing the teams, the score, and who is speccing. I know you can't just put people in a queue and auto join them when a space opens up (well, you COULD) but, at least if they have seen that they are about to unbalance the teams and everyone knows they joined regardless, it becomes their fault and everyone knows it. Maybe people would go back to ensuring even teams if that were the case.

Secondly, all new players should start in T1. Yes, T1 would become full of new accounts started by frustrated T4 players who want to farm some noobs, but it would keep noobs from messing up games higher up. Besides, a bit of pwnage would help their game. They should have to work their way up. It seems that Quake wants everyone to be T4...yeah, it's good business sense to make the nooblings feel like they are progressing, but it's bad business sense to put them in games with long term users who should be the priority even from a business sense.

Thirdly...quit trying to make the game noob friendly. I mean, loadouts, auto-strafing, Item timers...Why not have those in T1 (Oh, and creating a T1 would be nice because there really doesn't seem to be one.) and gradually remove these aids as players move up the tiers.

Fourth...now that there are all these new players, maybe there are enough people to add another tier. There is way too much variation in T4 between the lower T4 players and the higher. This isn't the case in lower tiers because the good players get moved up.

Fifth...If a player in a FFA match has a greater skill level than any other player in the server by a certain amount, his character should be marked in some way. So he knows he's playing lesser beings and they know he's okay with that.