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Thread: 4ever Recruiting ATm

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    Junior Member llphoenixll is on a distinguished road
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    4ever Recruiting ATm

    would like some new players for our clan due to people not being active just talk to in game or one of my active clan members trying to a arrange a 4ever vs doom 3 friendly feel welcome to ask big fan of freeze tag as well TDM mainly clan arena havent finished website yet hopefully one day just enjoy playing really will take on new players AS well

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    Junior Member Dark_Eden is on a distinguished road
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    seeking new clan as old leader was a douch, i speak english german and spanish. i play 3-7 days a week and am t4 with 1700 + elo normally. current stat may be worse..... just text me and ill be happy to join ( just to see if this is up do date )


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