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Thread: Are there some "christmas maps" again this year? / some ideas.

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    Are there some "christmas maps" again this year? / some ideas.

    I started playing QL again since i heard that it is on steam. A (few) year(s) ago there was a remix of Campgrounds that was more of a space-map. I find the idea of making "remixes" very cool, but in this case it was more a "just for fun" map. It wasn't comparable to campgrounds in terms of gameplay etc.

    But in general the idea is cool i guess. But the remixes should be more subtle.
    Here are some ideas that i head.

    1. very easy but a cool mindf_ck: a mirrored version of some maps. Just the same map but in reverse. You might say it is a little too easy, but I think it is interesting. Have you ever tried to imagine your room/flat in reverse? Close your eyes and think of your flat. How you would go through the kitchen etc. Though you propably know it in and out, it is very hard (at least for me) to reverse it - every item and direction is easy to imagine mirrored, but the whole thing in counter-intuitive. I have the feeling that we as humans are not very capable of this because we never have to do this in our everyday surroundings.
    So reversing some beloved maps like campgrounds could be interesting and create (at least in the beginning) different gameplay, since all the players have to adjust. So if anyone from the devs is searching for a christmas idea of a map (that is not turning dm6 into a fun-map) please consider "a look in the mirror"

    2. Adding a/some Portal(s) in Overkill. I like to play CA and everytime this map comes I found it boring (or: suboptimal). The gameplay works like this: 1. everyone goes to the top platform. 2. 50% to 70% of the players die the first 15 seconds. 3 theres a little slower gameplay in the rest of the map. I have the feeling that 90% of the map is almost always empty. People spawn there, but almost never fight there. So maybe a second portal would be a good idea? A portal away from the main action into this big brigde-room?

    3. remixes of maps. I would love to make a change in campgrounds myself. It is the most popular map for CA, but maybe a little addition would be interesting. (I would start myself but i don't know how to import/open ql maps in radiant - so maybe you can help me ;-) ). My idea would be to expand it a little behind the RL area (atop the jumppad). The RL/Bridge should remain the highest part in the map. Also on the right side of the bridge could be another small area/door in the same height of the bridge. In CA mostly people start on the bridge (well they run towards it), so exposing it a little more would maybe make it less desirable to start there.

    thanks. for reading through my crazy thoughts ;-)
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