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Thread: Pro Settings in /advanced

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    Pro Settings in /advanced

    after a year of quake live i'm about to go muck about in my consolle setting. i found i hit a wall when it comes to my games, and if i dont change the settings i'm not going to get any major improvement from where i am now.

    the settings i am looking to change are, truelightning (now at 0.75), weapons sens for the rail, mouseclick+weapon sens for LG, gamma, packetrate (i still have to read up on this), and a couple more i cant remember now.

    My big problem is this: why aren't these settings available in the Advanced sections - since better playing depends a lot on them ? the way i see it, there should be at least a choice of a couple "pro packs", where each has a whole list of settings changes - for noobs like me who aren't really willing to take a week to tweak the game, and sliders/checkboxes for other settings.

    individual weapon sens would be a great start, without having to go on the consolle. i'm sure id can do this, it would make the game more accessible for a lot of people.

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    There is no real nice way to implement things like specific settings for a weapon to the UI at the moment (will/can there be?), it needs some simple "scripting".

    bind e "weapon 6;sensitivity 12;whateverconsolecommandyoulike"
    bind f "weapon 7;sensitivity 4"

    cg_trueLightning could of course be in the menus, there seems to be little gain in using anything but 1 though since it's where the lightning really is in QL because of client side prediction for hitscan weapons.

    The most important thing is training, stick with some reasonable settings and more training..
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    You could use this cfg generator:


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    oh yes. thank you so much

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