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Thread: Looking for an ACTIVE clan

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    Looking for an ACTIVE clan


    I'm looking for an ACTIVE clan. I don't really mind what game modes, as I enjoy a wide spread, and I'm happy to play well above my skills, but I only want to join a clan that has many members (so there's always someone online)and makes their own servers/has frequent practices. I live in England so any western European clans are ideal. I'm not pro, so I'll have to leave my current clan (which I like, but it's a bit too quiet and lonely for my taste) if anybody has any offers. I'm lowish tier 4/5 in everything except duel (t3), but I'm more for the old fashioned strategical quake, so anybody wanting a pro clan arena player could probably do better than my good self.

    Thanks! (In game name - Realmie)

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    how are you for tdm

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    Try CHILL or DRUNK. We are accepting new members AFAIK...just ask Doc or Swampy...
    Q * ]Q[* Q]|[A * QL
    ...and still playing!
    Remember, if you happen to join our clan, you can be drunk during each and every match in QL and GET AWAY WITH IT.

    lets C H I L L !
    Visit and ask Doc for your medication.
    Quote Originally Posted by megaman3 View Post
    In ql the other weapons started to shine.
    Quote Originally Posted by HabeebDaPro View Post
    anywas hope rocket lawnchairs r neffed, becuz they mak me mad n get iolet so no noob can spam nd win like idot

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