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Well, creating good user ladder system would solve the problem. Pros to pros, noobs to noobs - and everyone's happy. Don't hide visualisation of player progress - let him see what is his rank.
Why should game modes be touched? With a new UI you can't even select game mode - it's either FFA or teamwork. So what kind of statistics can it do?
I think this post from AmDDRed deserves itís own thread. 100% spot on !

There has been ZERO progress on addressing the problems that have been plaguing the game's frame-work since the beginning.
Itís debatable which is the chicken and which is the egg, but if the points below ever get addressed it would improve player retention in my opinion.

1.) Throw away accounts
The whole ďTier slummingĒ phenomena is caused by non-subscribing, mid-skilled players creating a throw-away account which allows them to stomp noobs for a while until they are again matched with mid-skilled players and repeat the cycle.

There are a dozen effective ways to shutdown that trend.
Just limit each installation to max 2 user accounts. (throw away the 0.2% of the market where 3 people share a gaming machine)

2.) Only 4 skill tiers
The very idea boggles the mind, you need to sort a lot finer than that!
The top 25% of all Quake players encompasses a whole universe of skill ranges.
Whatís the magic number? All I know itís a lot bigger than 4.

3.) No working ranking system outside of QLranks.comís Duel.
QLranks.com successfully adopted the Elo ranking system for Duel matches. That works.
But QLranks tried and failed to adopt the more complex TrueSkill system for other game types, the results were pathetic.

Forget QLranks.com, copy the math from Wikipedia and introduce rankings directly into the frontend.
This will provide the mechanism to solve the Tier issue. Make the playerís rank the first thing they see when they log in and the first thing they see when a match ends.

Personally I am loosing hope. I think itís game-over for Quake-live. I see sensible people on the forum, I read excellent ideas every time I come here.
But the changes that are delivered by ID seem to be following a different piper, and maybe the last update was a bridge to far.