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Thread: Design proposal

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    Design proposal

    Hello, i'm web developer and i'd like to propose some usability improvements about the new design you made. I hope you find it useful.



    -Black bar it's a bit taller. Navigation buttons should be bigger (probably even more that in my concept). Other Way you could click accidentally on the logo or the other buttons.

    -"Go pro" button moved to a more logic position. Now you are reading "go pro myname", reinforcing the message.

    -Clan name it's not duplicated anymore

    -Filter match it's the most important button. You are gonna use it all the time, so we want to give it some visibility.

    -New people don't know every map's name. When you are filtering by map you should be able to see what map you are choosing. Thumbnail should be updated when you pass the cursor over an item, or when you use up and down keys in your keyboard.

    -Game mode and map filters are the most important, so we want to make them more visual than the rest.

    -Most of filtering options are useless 80% of the time, so we hide them under "show me more filters", making the process of filter much more intuitive.
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