Running a Win 8.1.

So yeah I've noticed more than one inconsistency with the start match parameters but they're difficult to put your finger on sometimes. Right now I'm looking at this preset:

{"maps":["bloodrun"],"cvars":{"web_access":2,"sv_maxClients":4,"g_rege nHealthRate":50,"sv_hostname":"F-U-N Clan Movement Training!","sv_warmupReadyPercentage":1,"dmflags": 28,"g_regenHealth":500,"g_spawnItemAmmo":0,"g_spaw nItemHoldable":0,"g_spawnItemWeapons":0,"g_spawnIt emArmor":0,"g_spawnItemHealth":0,"g_spawnItemPower up":0,"g_startingWeapons":146,"g_infiniteAmmo":1," g_damage_mg":0,"g_damage_rl":0,"g_splashdamage_rl" :0,"g_damage_pg":0,"g_splashdamage_pg":0}}

As you can see I changed the rockets and plasma to have 0 damage without changing their knockback properties. In effect the rockets have the same self-knockback but the plasma doesn't have that at all. That's no good. I wanted to create a non-damaging plasma gun that can still be used for movement... I know I can set the self-knockback to 9X higher and make the splash damage 9X smaller and it works but there's clearly an inconsistency anyway.

-the friends list doesn't show a friend's name at all if it's too long
-some demo files (looks like almost half of mine) just get named DEMOXXXX... (I have auto-record on)

-why do the prox mines do no damage to the player himself with these settings (neither when self-tagging nor as splash), only splash damage to others?

{"maps":["phrantic"],"cvars":{"web_access":2,"g_spawnItemAmmo":0,"g_sp awnItemWeapons":0,"g_spawnItemHealth":0,"g_spawnIt emHoldable":0,"g_spawnItemPowerup":0,"g_startingWe apons":2185,"g_dropDamagedHealth":1,"g_startingHea lth":25,"g_startingHealthBonus":20,"g_startingAmmo _gl":20,"timelimit":10}}

The grenades and plasma do the normal self-damage...

-flag tackling (and throw etc.) as an option... were completely disabled with this preset:

{"maps":["jumpwerkz","skyward","spacectf","vortexportal "],"cvars":{"g_gametype":6,"premium":0,"g_startingWe apons":1,"web_access":2,"g_damage_g":5,"g_knockbac k_g":10,"g_spawnItemAmmo":0,"g_spawnItemArmor":0," g_spawnItemHoldable":0,"g_spawnItemHealth":0,"g_sp awnItemWeapons":0,"g_knockback":1500,"pmove_WalkFr iction":3,"g_regenHealth":500,"teamsize":8,"g_quad DamageFactor":6,"g_friendlyFire":1}}

It turned out this was because it has premium=0. However, because that variable isn't correctly imported currently, the "Game Type" tab was showing that premium WAS selected, which is why I got confused. It worked after I edited in "premium"=1 into the preset.