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Thread: Looking For a Clan

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    Exclamation Looking For a Clan

    Hey there! I recently started playing this game and I noticed my aim is pretty good in this game, even someone said I have "talent", but I don't know how that's possible on my first game. My crosshair is almost always following enemy. After 2 games this game started hooking me up and I basically got addicted to it. My main idea was to train my reflexes to get better on CS:GO. I've played Counter-Strike titles for many years but still laying around on the mid skill level. I may not know a lot of this game, but I can learn from tutorials, guides, etc. I'm not looking for any tournament or such, because I'm only 15, from Finland, and a student in secondary school. Just 5v5 competitive matches (or whatever way it's planned.) and see how it goes. So, basically. I'm looking for an amateur clan that gives room to improve, being friendly, no raging and understanding mistakes others make and not judge them by it.

    --About Me--
    Hobbies: Gym, Gaming (many hours a day), Video Making, Translating and Modeling.
    Age: 15-yearsold.
    Name: Toni K.
    Attitude: Mostly calm, mature, want to have fun and motivated.
    Skill: -
    Experience in FPS: Many years, I started playing video games when I was very young, and taught english to myself through them.
    Country: Finland
    English: Very Good
    Timezone: (UTC+02:00) Helsinki, Kiev, Riika, Tallinna, Sofia, Vilna
    Gaming Time: Mostly 5-9 hours a day. I'm very active gamer, and I'm on a summer holiday right now, so that's a plus atm.
    Mouse: Hamachi M100; Upgrading to 'SteelSeries Rival' very soon.
    Keyboard: Microsoft Wired 600; I don't need any gaming keyboard atm.
    Monitor: Grundig 19 VLE 2000 C; Upgrading to BenQ 144Hz 1ms monitor very soon.
    Mousepad: Regular; Upgrading very soon to NiP QcK+ Limited Edition.
    Headset: Regular Headset w/ Microphone; Upgrading later to something else.
    Thank you!
    Contact me if you want to give me a test or something.

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    If you are in North America you can come play with us < DNA >. We are a branch of the EU clan Drunk. If your in EU you can check them out. Both have links in my sig.


    Drunk Clan
    North America, Join the party, here!
    Europe, Join the party, here!

    Enough is enough; and sometimes enough is too much!

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    Clan "Twerk" is accepting everyone in our infancy. There are six of us atm. We mostly play clan arena but play other modes too, like insta freeze. Add Formosity and ask for invite if you wish. We also have a site - http://clantwerk.guildlaunch.com

    We are mainly a NA clan atm but accepts everyone.
    My three G's in Life. Girls, Games & Ganja

    Anyone can join!

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    I would be interested in joining too if there is any chance. I just start so i would need to train, and joining a clan seems the best thing to do for me!

    I would appreciate way so much!

    Thank you

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