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Thread: Proudly Announce the Birth of a New, Glorious and dIFFERENT Casual Clan Called F-U-N

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    Proudly Announce the Birth of a New, Glorious and dIFFERENT Casual Clan Called F-U-N



    This is the clan where we don't play to win. We play to have F-U-N! AND to win, if the rules tell us so!

    This is the clan where we want to realize the FULL potential of Quake with zounds of possible game modes that we could be playing instead of the same ones over and over.

    This is the clan where we appreciate flexibility, wits, a sense of humour, and a positive attitude over any kind of mechanical skill or cold calculation.

    This is the humble clan F-U-N! Please read further!

    Note: If you might be interested but you don't understand the English so well, you should contact us anyway, because the clan might eventually have local meetings in different parts of the world whenever there's enough resources (players, admins and pro subscribers) to support that.


    (link will be added later)


    -location: Northern Europe, the clan leader is from Finland but we'll figure out the locations that work the best on average between clan members. A high ping may not be a problem with all game modes. The clan might eventually spread to other parts of the world too.

    -clan leader: LotBlind

    -admins: for now just LotBlind

    -requirements to join: read the rest of this long post, especially the F-U-N manifesto that includes the ethical principles. You HAVE TO agree with what they say! Otherwise it just takes your time to join the sessions (2h once a week) as regularly as you can.

    -how to join:
    1) Friend LotBlind in-game. If you see him on-line you can ask him further questions if you're not sure about something.
    2) The most reliable way to contact him (and this is required as well) is to send him an e-mail at horsmaan at hotmail dot com (mention what your in-game name is).
    3) Send me a skype friend request (to sviimhoinen) (mention what your in-game name is). This is also required because we're using Skype for the pre-game meetings, so you'll have to install it if you don't have it ready.

    More info about the idea of this clan and about the membership procedure in the text that follows.


    -We have started the F-U-N 'n' Games on 29th of June 2014! Currently (this may have changed if no-one remembered to update it) the meetings are on Sundays at 17-19 GMT.

    -Voting soon for more things like the clan full name so don't hesitate to contact us soon!

    -DO YOU HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION? All game modes that don't require special settings to function can and will be made standard subscriber level, meaning no subscription needed. However, we will later want to try some game modes that DO require certain settings that make the servers Premium-level. This means that for that stuff we'll need one Pro subscriber per every 5 Standard subscribers on the server because that's how Quake Live works. We might also need to create more than one server if it starts to get crowded which requires one Pro per server obviously. IF YOU HAVE A PRO SUBSCRIPTION, LET THE CLAN LEADER KNOW PLEASE! With a Premium subscription you can fit into Premium servers easier but I personally recommend anyone to go directly to Pro for the extra flexibility it allows (even if you don't play with this clan).


    -this is where (less important) updates to things like game mode rules and such will be announced whenever we remember to do that.

    (the F-U-N'n'Games)

    The F-U-N'n'Games:

    -start at the announced time with a half-hour clan chat gathering, which you should join in time to avoid losing your spot. The clan leader will be present to answer questions and coordinate things.

    -might then have up to half an hour of warm-up time in-game where you can also test the game mode out a bit

    -might be followed with about an hour of match time. Sometimes you may have to spec and wait for a bit. Speccing is fun too! .


    Depending on the general amount of activity, there may be any of the following:

    -yearly championship tournaments in some of the more basic/popular game modes, still just for fun of course
    -smaller competitive events
    -awards such as "play of the month/year"
    -"let's learn"-sessions whenever we have relatively skilled players who can hold this kind of workshop
    -suggestions will be taken into consideration


    -Here are a few examples of the new game types that we might be playing at some point! The leader is always working on implementing something new.

    Handicapped Arena: This is based on CA but you can't move using the directional buttons like normal. Instead you have to resort to rocket jumping and plasma skating across the ice-covered arena. Seeing is believing!

    Frag Tag: Tag inside Quake! Try to catch your opponent with the gauntlet (using rockets to help stop their momentum). Extremely intense with a close match-up. Has to be experienced for oneself!

    Hot Spot: FFA with a twist - there is only one area in the map where you're allowed to frag people. Whoever is controlling that spot is the only one allowed to frag others. Words cannot convey it!

    -I will later make the exact game mode settings and detailed information available if you want to set up your own server.

    (continued in the next post)
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    Junior Member LotBlind is on a distinguished road
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    -If you're interested in joining this clan but you don't understand this text very well, contact LotBlind and you can communicate with him directly. He knows Russian, Swedish and Finnish in addition to English.


    -There are two important resources you are bringing the clan when you join the sessions: your time, and your positive attitude.

    -If you're lacking in time, you may still join the sessions from time to time without being a member. This is provided there is room on one of the servers after all the members have joined. To guarantee a spot if you just want to come see what it's about, contact the admins ahead of time.

    -If you are lacking in the positive attitude, this leaves you with no reason to join the sessions.

    -There are NO other formal requirements, we don't look at your stats or anything silly like that. You may also already be a member of another clan, however QL won't let you join more than one clan as a Standard subscriber (if your other clan is active or important to you as well, I don't 100% require you to choose to be on the F-U-N roster, instead you can be a member without having the tag). If you are a younger player living with your parents, you should make sure it's okay for you to be playing with the clan those 2 hours a week but I expect it won't be a problem for anyone.

    -Please don't share any server information or passwords with anyone.


    -If you're enjoying yourself during your first few F-U-N clan sessions and you have time to attend the sessions fairly regularly (this requirement may drop off if we start getting a lot of players), and you agree with the clan ethical principles and rules, you should consider joining the clan.

    -The advantage to the clan is we will know that you can be trusted to uphold the good atmosphere on our servers understanding what kind of conduct is expected of you. Also we will know how many attendances to expect and will be able to plan the activities around that.

    -The advantage to you is getting a spot ahead of non-members in both the regular weekly sessions and any extra events (which have a separate sign-up). You will also be able to influence decisions governing the clan's future.


    -Will try to attend the games whenever possible to ensure a higher player count. This is crucial at the early stage until the clan has grown to a critical mass.

    -Will try to attend the pre-game chat session whenever possible.There may be important things being said, and also whenever there's a game mode you haven't played before, you may ask questions about it in advance. You might lose your chance to play if you're late.

    -Will try to make it so they don't have to leave half-way through the play session (unless you were just speccing or if the game mode allows it). Please ask the admin beforehand if it's okay to spec or leave early.

    -Will moderate him/herself during clan activities, which means
    will issue a fair penalty to him/herself if accidentally breaking an external rule (explained later). Sometimes these penalties will be pre-defined, sometimes not.
    will conduct themselves according to a common sense notion of sportsmanship and the philosophy outlined in the clan ethical principles.
    will keep cool at all times.

    -Will follow instructions given by the team leader in game modes that have one to make the game more organized.

    As a member you should use your F-U-N clantag when playing elsewhere to show pride in your clan unless you need to use another clantag for some reason. You should show the same attitude towards the game in other matches and forums as you do during the clan gatherings. If it is brought to the admins' attention that the clan principles are being coarsely broken by a clan member during or outside clan activities, their membership will be reconsidered.

    If you've been too inactive, you might get removed from the clan to give a more accurate current player count. In practice, this might end up meaning being away for 4 consecutive weeks without informing the admins about your intentions.


    The most important principle to follow is simply to follow what frame of mind you're in. In fact this is no different from how you go about your daily life.

    You should make sure you're not "in it to win it" in an uptight way. This is a challenge for anyone seeing as the game is fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled and competitive by nature. You may find it easier to find a relaxed, calm starting point if you spend a little time just moving around or messing around in warm-up. Keep thinking about your motivators during the match.

    If you're playing against a team or player who you have a clear advantage against, give them a handicap by adjusting your play style or by setting yourself extra conditions. There's a million ways to do this. An example would be to avoid using a certain weapon or just let them frag you sometimes. Some game modes may be designed around balancing the players and teams in different ways.

    There are times when you SHOULD still aim to play at your best level. This is during or in preparation for tournaments and special events that are going to be played in pre-defined game modes. This is because we are curious about how far they can actually be taken. There may be matches and things that affect your seeding which are also to be played at one's own level.

    Related to this, IT'S ALWAYS OKAY TO PRACTISE any game mode you are able to if you just like it that much. However, there's no reason to do that before it's been "christened" (like a ship) during a F-U-N'n'Games session.

    If you're tired but still want to join you can just spec (given there's room) or play in a simple way. That's not something to be penalized. There may be a particular role for you in the game mode that doesn't require your full concentration.

    Be considerate to other participants. If it is not admin-enforced in some situations it might be wise to give your spot up for someone else wanting to join a full team. This is also the most legitimate way to leave mid-match should it be required. Mostly though who gets to play will be decided by the admins in a fair way.

    As a member you may also sometimes be asked to take a special role (in-game or even outside it) which will help the clan to be successful in its endeavours.

    The clan does not endorse the use of drugs or alcohol. Showing up drunk is not recommended.

    IMPORTANT: You should be ready to appreciate new ideas and game modes and not only play the ones you immediately start liking. Be ready to leave your comfort zone. Some game modes require you to change your approach to the game quite heavily and it might take a lot of adjusting to.


    Create silly binds to respond to various situations in-game. (How to create binds will be discussed during one of the pre-game chats) Use the in-game chat to express surprise, admiration, disappointment...

    Seek variety and novelty in your play. Keep challenging yourself.

    Set up your Skype if you haven't already! We will make full use of the opportunities it offers.

    If you have the chance, it might be fun to come up with a strategy of play if you're playing with a known team in a known game mode, especially for tournaments.

    If you have time, you could prepare for sessions by getting used to any required external rules (explained later) to make it easier to adhere to them while playing. However, this is never required because we have the pre-game warm-up. Just make sure you know the rules by the time the match starts.

    In some game modes, it might help you adjust your play style to each player and their individual skill level if you have the setting toggled that shows their name tag in-game. This is one of the HUD settings in the advanced options menu.

    Always record your games. This can be set in the Game Settings - Advanced - Game Options menu.
    One of the reasons is you might want to candidate a passage of play for Play of the Month. (This will be explained more thoroughly later). Also it provides evidence of misconducts. The demo files are small and can just be deleted en masse.


    -the internal settings are the basis of each game mode. This is the information that the person starting the server sends out to create the frame work, e.g. CA ruleset. Many types of modifications can be applied to the standard settings...

    -however, it's not always possible to implement a game type without having what we call external rules. This means rules that you have to understand and follow yourself. If you mistakenly break one of them, you should give yourself a penalty (unless an admin is acting as a referee).

    -sometimes the rules are going to be harder to follow than other times. Don't make it into a bigger problem than it needs to be.


    -let the clan admins have your e-mail when you contact them: this is the most reliable way for them to communicate with you directly about any necessary things. You will also be added on a posting list so you won't miss any of the important notifications.

    -The thread will be updated as well. You'll get a separate notification for any major updates so you don't have to subscribe to the thread necessarily.

    -Skype is used for the pre-game chit-chats so please install it and/or send a contact request to LotBlind (to sviimhoinen).

    -Also always keep your in-game chat enabled and don't block any other communication channels.
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    Good luck and have patience LotBlind..It takes awhile for a clan to get started..But then you will have a great time playing with friends!

    You might try setting up a Forum for people to post and keep track of each other..And also make a clan channel at quakenet #irc

    Hope you do well..
    Drunk Clan Motto--- "Have Fun, Everyone is Welcome"
    drunk clan

    Stay drunk, Play drunk and chill

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    Thanks! Yes, we might need a forum later. Skype will act as our irc.

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    Hi. I am here to look for a carefree clan that creates unusual and fun games in Quake Live that you hardly have a chance to play normally (e.g. Gauntlet-only CA, something else related to that). Basically anything absurd, different and fun. Am I in the right place?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tichi View Post
    Dude I love all the people with the comments about me. I do rage in the cage and stuff at staples center. We can get half naked and fight in the cage brah. Any other guys wanna watch??? Ill give you hugs after i put body oil on my body

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    Hello Hanzo! What you describe fits perfectly with the idea of the clan. Could you please read the rest of the post and the manifesto in case you didn't already, and if you think it sounds about right, send me a friend invite inside QL. I'll be online most evenings from around 5 to 7-8 PM GMT so we can talk more then.

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    Okay, will do. Hope this idea works out well and more people will participate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tichi View Post
    Dude I love all the people with the comments about me. I do rage in the cage and stuff at staples center. We can get half naked and fight in the cage brah. Any other guys wanna watch??? Ill give you hugs after i put body oil on my body

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    We're currently right about ready to start... There's more people who said they're interested but I don't have their e-mails yet so if you're one of them please read the post if you didn't and send me an e-mail soon if you don't wanna miss the first meeting (and the voting for when it'll be). My address is supplied in the post.

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