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Thread: DNF - Duel Noob Fraternity

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    Junior Member n0cturn3 is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2011

    DNF - Duel Noob Fraternity

    Join us on QuakeNet IRC at #duelnoobs

    What is DNF?

    This clan is for any new, or noob, duellers out there who want to improve alongside others of a similar skill level. We offer advice, training and matches to players of varying skill levels.

    Who can join?

    DNF are recruiting duellers with less than 1400 elo, whether you're at 900 or 1300 you're welcome to join. If this is you and you want close duel games with similarly skilled players, join the #duelnoobs IRC channel, look for QL servers which include "DNF" in the name, or join our Teamspeak server (see update below). You can ask for an invite to the clan in one of these 3 places, or by posting a reply to this forum post.

    Note: You can check elo by going to http://qlranks.com and searching for a username. There's no geographical restriction, although until more people join games will be primarily on European servers. Note: You don't have to join the clan to play.

    We're also open to more experienced players joining to give advice, tips etc. Please let myself or the clan officers (Zita and robo) know if you're interested in taking on a trainer role in the clan.

    What about other game modes?

    It's not just for duel, we occasionally play other game modes for fun, including TDM, CA, CTF and anything else really.


    Duel Noob Fraternity will be keeping a duel server open for low elo players, you dont have to be part of DNF to join the server and the server will be moderated to make sure no high level players ruin your fun.

    If your elo is too high you will be asked nicely to spectate, or be removed by an admin if you refuse. We'd like the servers to be a fun place for new players, not a stomping ground.

    -- # UPDATE # --

    DNF now have a new 20 slot TeamSpeak 3 server up and running
    Please be respectful to others, no Trolling, Remember most players are low skilled so be constructive.

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    Please invite me!
    I played before, several time, but it was a long time ago.
    I VERY LIKE DUEL, but I am so... weak...
    So... Invite me please =)

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    Member vag_gap is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2013
    yeah, I would like to join too

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    Junior Member Crystal_Juicy is on a distinguished road
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    May 2013

    Me too

    ADD ME!!! I want to be in the clan

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    Junior Member fini_ is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2013
    I would like to joine pls

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    Banned Corindon is on a distinguished road
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    May 2014
    Add me please. I used to play duel in Q3 but the only reason I am even decent at Quake is because of my aim.

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    Junior Member tribeastover is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2013
    ill join your clan. i play mostly ca but ill play some duels against someone at my skill level. this is my name on quake live.

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    Member BRRRAAAAIIINNie is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2011
    Hey can you invite me?

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    Senior Member Chibers will become famous soon enough Chibers's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    I would be willing to throw some time out there to help out. Definitely over the 1200 elo limit but I would rather give tips or ideas in where I could rather give input than actually duel a lot. I haven't seriously dueled in about two years, but a lot of that stuff is like riding a bike. ;p

    I don't have a lot of time currently TO play, but I'm more than willing to try and help others progress their game here.
    It's more fun when you're mellow

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    Member Zita is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2012
    added you in game, send an invite plz

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