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Thread: pro account: invite friends, how?

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    pro account: invite friends, how?

    Is the only way to invite friends to a Premium map is to post the link to the server in a chat message and hit the enter key? I can't see any other way to invite someone to my server. The thing is, the only 2 times anyone was has responded to me is to say they are asked for money and can't join. But in one case it was as many as 6 hours later when he replied. I suppose it could be because the link expired . . . maybe the server was restarted or something like that.


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    Right click their name in the friend list then press invite.

    Edit: i dont know how long the invite stays active for before they use it, it used to break after the map changed on the server, dunno if its still the way it goes
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    Press escape and there's a friend's list type button in the center.

    Then you can right click their name to open a menu and go down to 'invite'.

    Invites do expire after some time. Probably 6 hours is well over that time.

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    Also, when you're on the Friends List, you can click on the button in the top right that says "Invites", and at the bottom you can enter any player's name. They don't even have to be your friend to invite them.

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