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Thread: verSus Duel Tournament Tonight!

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    verSus Duel Tournament Tonight!

    Duel Tournament!
    Player's ELO 1500 and below can Join this Tournament. Player's over 1500 ELO if you would like a tournament PM me and we can get something for you as well. This is just practice to have fun and play friendly, competitive match's! All though, in 2 weeks there will be a tournament with a prize for whoever win's it! So that is 2 week's to practice and play in these tournament's, to learn your enemy's weakness's and your strength's !


    vS Team is open to suggestion's on how to make these event's more eventful for you, so if you have an idea PM me and we'll be glad to look it over and try it out!

    Thank You and PM me for any Questions or Concern's !

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    How do you check your ELO level? I'm new to competitive Quake!

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    Replace it with your actual QL nick

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