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Thread: Servers in scandinavia

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    Servers in scandinavia

    Fairly new to this game. Been playing on Swedish servers past week. Today launched the game to see there are no scandinavian servers to be found on the server browser(which itself is just weak to be honest). So what is going on? Are there no public servers in scandinavia or does this have something to do with new monthly mapcycle?
    Also, how dead is this game? I have been playing Clan Arena mostly to just get a feel of the physics and weapons. Finding a game has been pretty easy so far but is there any clan action going on ever on CA? What about tdm? The tdm servers that my browser lists are all empty 24/7.

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    Junior Member carecry is on a distinguished road
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    You can find a very active pickup channel in #tdmpickup on irc chat and also #ctfpickup

    I don't really know about CA though.

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