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Thread: Add Pi and Fritzkrieg Models

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    Senior Member EmeraldTiger is on a distinguished road EmeraldTiger's Avatar
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    Add Pi and Fritzkrieg Models

    They`re two Team Arena exclusive models. Click on the names above the descriptions to see what they look like:

    Fritzkrieg (Click here to view model):
    During Earth's Second World War, Fritzkrieg was a brutal and deadly member of the German army. When the Vadrigar claimed him, however, they were a second too late. Instead of a healthy new warrior for the Arena Eternal, they found themselves in possession of a handful of shattered corpses-all that remained after an Allied shell had torn apart Fritzkrieg and his companions. Undaunted, they pieced together the intact elements of the various bodies to form a horrific collage of flesh and blood-with a mind as shattered as the bodies it had once occupied.

    Pi (Click here to view model):
    A proud and determined woman, Pi can trace her ancestry back to the Viking raiders of old. As a space fighter test pilot, she developed nerves of steel and reflexes the equal of any veteran gladiator. She died when her experimental Valkyrie interceptor plunged into the icy surface of Europa. Generations later, scientists recovered the frozen remains of her corpse and reanimated it, replacing the mangled flesh and crushed organs with cybronic implants. If she was deadly before, she's almost unstoppable now.

    It would be cool to have these models. id would have to make CTF skins for them though, for they do not have any as of now.

    What do you think?
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    Senior Member rzz is on a distinguished road rzz's Avatar
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    Absolutely. I prefer these to the other two (is it?) TA models included in QL.

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    Senior Member KittenIgnition is on a distinguished road
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    not premium. models for premium users would fail because either everyone would have to have them, or they would load the models "wrong" and they would be forced to sarge (because the model doesnt exist on one person's PC). Further, im not sure how the server would react if one person had the models and the others didnt, because usually this only happens on unpure servers. on pure ones, everyone has to have the same base files... this is in Q3. in QL, im pretty sure everybody has to have the exact files that are on the server and stuff.

    there are other things, but im pretty sure both clients would have to have the model (as well as the server?), but disabling it for the non-premium dudes would be impossible, or at least a challenge. plus it shouldnt be available to premium/pro only because that would just be stupid...

    i would say, have some unpure servers and add full .tga/.wav support so people can use Q3 models whenever they want :P ofc you can use custom models in demos or offline, so its all good imo (i use slash/dbabe in q3 and slash/yuriko in ql, and since i dont play third person its no different, and i use keel for enemies and slash for bright. so it doesnt effect me too much...).

    i still support more models, just not premium-only models

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    Senior Member HanzoHasashiSan is on a distinguished road
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    Why Premium-only? They should be available for everyone.
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    As a premium model, only premium users would be able to select them, naturally. Standard users would still be able to load them and see them properly.

    Yes, add these models, but selectable for all users, including standard ones.

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    Senior Member Marklar is on a distinguished road Marklar's Avatar
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    Noone will see your fancy premium-only model above tier 2 since most of the players are forcing models. I chose my own model only for the sound I hear, since I know noone else will see "who I am".

    I don't think it would be a programming challenge to implement a simple code that allows only premium members to use and/or force these new models.
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    Fritzkrieg and Pi

    Remember these two characters from team arena? What happened to them? I would like to see them back. They are in the new installment in quake, quake arena arcade, but not this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KittenIgnition View Post
    theyre prolly "too suggestive" or something
    yeah but pi cant be as bad as hunter and FritzKrieg is is kinda more like a WWII era gasmask soldier

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    Senior Member Anhedonic is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    Necroposting - did those two models have different jumping sounds?

    Pi looks like Slash/lucy combination, so I presume it has Slash jumping sounds?

    Also, while you're at it, please add gumby

    Ridable centaurs

    and don't forget about this dog

    Thanks id.
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