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Thread: Free Premium event

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    Quote Originally Posted by DahrkDaiz View Post
    It's not unreasonable for a company to re-release a game with new features and ask to pay for it. All game companies do it all the time (Nintendo with their countless re-releases, XBox Live Arcade has a ton of them, many games even have "special editions" released). You act as if you're entitled to something. You're being given, for free, a lot more than what the standard Quake 3 Arena came with out of the box. You're being asked to pay $25 a year for new maps, or essentially $1.75 per map plus game an extra game mode (and the maps will continue to increase, adding more value to the subscription).

    While I wouldn't mind if they did something else with the premium accounts and added the content for free, I'm tired of this attitude of "I paid for it once I shouldn't pay again". Before you paid for a game, now you're paying for a service. Many games charge for DLC and people gladly shell out buckets of money for it. I seriously think people are pissy because they can't pirate this stuff unlike previous PC games.
    How has the game changed? And what "new" maps am I paying for? While there are a few new maps - the old Q3A had a far greater selection of maps and they were all absolutely free. Threewave, OSP, and a gazillion other fun maps and mods. A good number of them were infinitely better as well.

    The only difference I see, is that Instead of loading Q3A from disk I now have to log on in browser. The only "addition" is the skill match. While that does indeed stand undisputed as a new and extra feature, even if it actualy worked it is positively not worth $25.

    You may call it an opinion, but take any game on the market, and ask people who have already bought it would they pay another $25 for a tiering system for online play. Any game that has an active ladder (check out RTS games if you are unfamiliar with the concept) does not charge for this, nor do they modify a decade old game and charge for it again with the ladder being the selling point.

    Premium content you say - thats the selling point?

    Well, that would be a valid point except that Q3Live is an inferior game to Q3A. You cant add user content, you cant mod it, you can't do anything other than play exactly and only what ID decides you should. You even have to go through hoops just to re-handle self. It has less maps, less game mods and still looks exactly as the original did. Call me crazy but having a game with the samedecade old graphics, virtualy same gameplay, but limited in terms of what else it can do and then charging for it after promising it will be free is plain and simple double dip and going back on ones word.

    Do I have to reinstall Q3A and load everything to take side by side pics for you to understand? Its the same game period. Skillmatch is not working let alone the fact it wouldnt be worth $25 even if it were.

    Facts: shining forces, industrial accident and japanese castles are all premium maps. While they are changed slightly from originals I have played those so many tims in Q3A OSP mod that you will play another 3 years to catch up to half the time I logged. I never paid a penny beyond the price of Q3A and my cable.

    I say this with the aassumption you didn't know this and havent been around for Q3A. I have, and therefore I have a somewhat different perspective.

    Everything you are considering "new" is so old news to Q3A owners that any debate on the subject is pointless.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as are you on yours. I have simply voiced mine and backed it up with facts.

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    Hello Quake. The Mother of ALL online Gaming...
    Cutter here, the orig CuTTeR SOC
    Heh devs.. how do I install my cfg file onto the game now it is in da browser???
    Thx for bring my fav and the very best game of all time back to me :]
    CuTTeR SoC

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    Senior Member z33r0 is on a distinguished road
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    Munich, Germany
    C:\Users\cutter\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3

    this on win 7
    Quote Originally Posted by crucci View Post
    Nay, you speaketh the truth when you trollth with pure ownage. No mod shall cast his shadow upon your divine aura!

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    Senior Member csCadaver is on a distinguished road csCadaver's Avatar
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    In windows, Go to explorer and hit ctrl+f
    type in 'qlconfig.cfg' and wait for explorer to find it for you.
    Make shortcut to it on desk.
    Took you 2,5 years to notice my signature?

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    darn free premium event short :P

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