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Thread: Lumber (BETA 1) by uNity

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    Lumber (BETA 1) by uNity

    Hey folks,

    Here's a map I've been working on for the past few weeks. It's called Lumber and is visually based on Cure and Arcane Citadel though I've obviously put my own spin on the general theme.

    It's a duel map (2v2/FFA being added) that's meant to cater to both a more aggressive play style and a tactical, Blood Run-ish pace.

    This short video explains my goals and gives a good look at the map.



    Looking for any and all feedback!

    - Lower RL and RG weapon decals don't show up.
    - Some texture alignment issues (being worked on, it's just long and tedious!)

    TO DO:
    - Replace Middle YA stairs with a more thematically appropriate look.
    - Add more detail work to the YA and RA atriums.
    - Use a real levelshot (screenshots aren't working in Wolfcam for some reason)
    - Create .aas file
    - Intermission screen
    - Billboards/Ads
    - Item placement for 2v2 and FFA (add Quad, most likely swapped with GA, add GA in alcove near Upper RL).
    - Add the remaining textures to the pk3 so it loads in Q3 (long process that I'm not super familiar with).
    - Detail work on rock faces behind wooden pillars in RA pit.

    Special thanks to the kind folks of #radiant on QuakeNet for answering all my dumb questions!
    And a huge, gargantuan thumbs down to id for not allowing folks to test maps against actual people ;(
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    Junior Member Zulu4 is on a distinguished road Zulu4's Avatar
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    I'm going to test that.

    Cool map with cool localisation like YA and rox area

    but maybe there are too many TP (x5/6 is too much)
    I think about some fix

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    Overall the map is ok

    - too dark on most of cfgs that pro players are using
    - railgun location too overpowered

    + looks good :
    + cool jumps

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