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Thread: Turning off god (the guy that yells during a CTF the game)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorfa View Post
    My feelings exactly. I usually don't like to post 'me too' type comments, but this is such a relief to hear I can't help it. It's especially annoying in clan arena where he's like RED WINS THE ROUND etc. It's like thanks Captain Obvious. What's next? "YOU'RE PLAYING A GAME OF QUAKE", "FORWARD MOVEMENT", "JUMP, JUMP JUMP", "ROCKET LAUNCHER", "THE ENEMY SHOT U"
    I completely agree. You guys are missing the point. He's talking about that HE/SHE WANTS to turn it down, not YOU. No one asked for your comment on if YOU want it or not. Just cause it's annoying to HIM/HER.

    You should be able to turn it off. Just like a lot of features.

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    I was wondering as well, and here's why it would help to at least turn him down:
    Let's say U have the flag. Well regardless, U always want to hear UR enemies footsteps otherwise U may be caught off guard.
    There have been plenty of times where the voice is just too loud and comes on at a bad time where U need to hear things around U.

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