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Thread: Lightmap shader problems

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    Question Lightmap shader problems


    So I have the problem of the texture being blocked by the lightmap and well, this sucks.

    	q3map_lightImage textures/Test/step_lightmap.blend.tga
    	qer_editorImage textures/Test/step_light_256x64.tga
    	//q3map_surfacelight 10000
    		map $lightmap
    		rgbGen identity
    		map textures/Test/step_light_256x64.tga
    		blenFunc filter
    		rgbGen identity
    		map textures/Test/step_lightmap.blend.tga
    		blendFunc add
    this result in:

    I'm a noob so any advice would be very good.
    Oh, the texture shows up fine in gtkradiant.
    Thank you!

    edit: oh and now i broke it even more somehow, now it doesn't even light up.
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