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    Newsflash: the majority of the internets infrastructure runs on the Linux kernel, as well as the majority of smart phones (Android IS a GNU/Linux distro) and an enormous portion of consumer electronics run the Linux kernel (Bluray players, routers, mp3 players, etc). The only area of the computing world where GNU/Linux doesn't dominate by a large margin is the desktop.
    dude i made clear that iam talkin about desk/laptops so i dont understand ur post at all - i stated clearly that iam talkin about desk/laptop os. i dont think many ppl use smartphones, mp3- or bluray-players to play quake - but considering how some ppl (try) to move and shoot maybe i must reconsider that

    The idea that Linux is only secure due to obscurity is insane when you realize that the majority of the world's servers are running it.
    servers are far more secured as desktops, u just dont run a kaspersky-internet-security on them to protect them, and still even the systems of governments and big companies get attacked and hacked - if someone really wants to get on ur linux-machine he will do it anyway (ofc he needs the knowledge how to do it). i also explained why linux-users r not having that much truble with maleware etc and that if u spend some money and use common sense u r also very secure using win. actually i cant remember that i ever heard that in my circle of friends and in my family anyone got a virus on his/her win-desktop.

    but to close the case: if it comes to ql the reality is simple: 1-2 (let it be 3 cuz maybe more gamers use linux as the average user) out of 100 systems are linux based. the mac users have izi access to use win as running os via bootcamp (ofc they have to restart there mac - tuff work!) and i dont see many mac-users complainin in this thread about the change, so i would not count them. so 3 of 100 dudes have truble with the new standalone - from an economical view it is izi to understand why id is focusing on win first considering the fact that (as far as i know) the business-modell is not running very well. and plz dont say it will get worse cuz they dont support linux anymore, they have the numbers and i bet they can run a proper cost-benefit analysis.

    btw as far as i know android-smartphones r also endagered cuz of viruses - they r the majority in the smartphones world and therefore targets, which just proves my point (e.g. the Trojan-SMS for android smartphones, 2010).
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