I think about replacing my g15. Right now i think a mechanical keyboard would be really nice to have and therefore i know 3 keyboards that would fit:

steelseries 7G
Razer Black Widow

Beeing a freak and knowing that the keyboard will last a very long time i dont care about the price but i just cant decide.
I think i read that the steelseries needs the pressure of 60g to push a key while the black widow needs 50, but i think both values are absolutely nice. Did not find any value of daskeyboard though but i doubt its much more.
Has anyone experience with any of these? hints what else i should have a look at?

As i only play Quake on a regular basis i dont weigh macro buttons very much.

What would be really nice to know how loud the clicking is, as i could get serious trouble with my gf (my pc is located in the living room next to the tv. most of the time i play she watches tv) if it is too loud.

hope you guys can help me to find a decision.