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Thread: Games feels delayed a lot of the time

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    Senior Member bennyhotnuts is on a distinguished road
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    Never heard the expression getting sand in your delicate feminine area, thats rare, and yes I am deliberately avoiding using the V word because some anally retentive moderator will probably see fit to ban me for uttering such a ludicrously risqué word.

    As for the fps change doing nothing, who knows, everyone around these forums seems to try and pass themselves off as a computer expert (not meaning to offend here), recommending 100's of tweaks and bloatware programmes like they are written law; all I know is what works for me and what doesn't through trial and error, at the moment this change is having great effects, even on this crappy work PC, I am sure when I play tonight it will probably be back to ice skating and sound delay, so I will be on to my next placebo.

    I think my next placebo will be changing the pc timer to 1 minute faster, so I can be ahead of time and shoot people before they even realise.

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    Senior Member drunkenFooL will become famous soon enough
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    Just for those who are following this thread and are curious of DPC Latency Checker, here is a guide about it from niemiro (March 2013).
    How to diagnose and fix high dpc latency issues...

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    Just FYI. I had this issue after the last update and I traced it down to Malwarebytes (anti malware program). By turning off the option -website blocking - that cured the latency. So if anyone is using it they might want to try that first along with the program suggested to check the latency issue your having.

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    I too have suffered these symptoms and followed most of those guides/tweaks, only to cause more problems and not solve the issue.
    A very simple test will verify if it is just connection /server related latency, sometimes not even reported on the lagometer.
    Play a busy 10-16 slot match when your location is at peak net traffic, times like 6pm to 11pm, then play off peak at like 2-4am and with fewer players or duel, the difference is obvious on all the main uk ISPs from my area.
    There may be an anti-cheat, giving punk buster type lag, but it is mostly the overcrowded net, your ISP and their GSP data-centers.
    Before you try tweaks just play other games with dedicated servers for testing, on/off peak, like Q3, CS, UT and COD to see if it is just an overloaded network, QL or your computer.

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