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Thread: Suggestion : More Tutorials

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    Post Suggestion : More Tutorials

    Just a quick thought I had that could improve the game for the new players without require any "major implementations".

    Adding additional tutorials for each aspect of the game. The tutorial could go as follows (just for example)

    - Strafing Tutorial (Basic) (Instructions included)
    - Strafing Challenge 1 (Small pads distance)
    - Strafing Challenge 2 (Medium)
    - Strafing Challenge 3 (Large)

    - Overall Movement Tutorial (just like race, using multiple points and the final time received determine whether or not you pass
    - Movement Challenge 1 (Simple path, low requirement)
    - Movement Challenge 2 (Medium path, stricter requirement)
    - Movement Challenge 3 (Medium path, very strict time)

    - Timing tutorial (Introductions, items timing)
    - Timing Tutorial 1 (Get X amount of yellow in Y time)
    - Timing Tutorial 2 (Get X amount of YA, RA, MH in Y time)
    - Timing Tutorial 3 (Get X amount of Medkit, PU, YA, RA, MH)

    - RJ Movement Tutorials (The one used currently for rocket jump could fill that role)
    - Tricking Tutorials (Plasma Jump, Ramp Jump, Circle Jumps, PQL Movement)
    - LG / Rocket Dodging Tutorial? lol

    Also, making sure that they are visible to the players, especially the newcomers.
    There could also be achievement for completing an entire section of each tutorial to give an insensitive to the new players to actually try them.

    The current tutorial are IMO way too basic. You can successfully go through the strafing pads but it doesn't not really show you how to strafe properly or how to actually use it. And some kind of rally would actually force you to attempt moving from multiple points as fast as possible which is as close as what actually happen in the game as possible.

    The only problem I currently see as for the implementation is that it would ideally require some kind of "Success / Completion" Screen when you have passed to allow you to Quit or move to the next tutorial, and also a conditional check that would verify whether the objective has been completed or not.
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    I like this, it should be added to the game.
    Now it's time, to play the waiting game :O


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