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Thread: I can not play against bots?!!!

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    I can not play against bots?!!!

    I can not play against bots?!!!
    Every time I try to create a game bots, the game crashea. Also in the tutorial, after Crash shows you around the map says you're going to face with it and when you start the battle crashea.

    Help please!!!

    PS Game from Google Chrome.

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    I had this problem with bots, it went straight to quit screen when loading a map. The problem was I didn't have the map on my computer, and it didn't automatically download when loading up, so the way to fix this was to go on a server that contained the map I wanted - this would automatically download the map onto my hard drive so that then I could play on it against bots. If this is the same problem for you, add me and I'll happily set up a server so that you can get all the maps you want.

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