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Thread: Friendly - Midskilled - q3a [EU]

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    Friendly - Midskilled - q3a [EU]

    Friendly - Midskilled - q3a

    That is how i would descripe myself if i had 3 words.

    Im looking for a clan to play with, i would like to play some CWs. Maybe in some smaller leagues, tournaments, ladders.

    I like to play most mods, preferable CA, CTF, FT, Insta. But im open for the most.

    The short version of who i am:

    26 years old, from Denmark. I started playing Quake3 back in 2002-2003, i played mainly in 1.16 due to no legal CD key. I obtained that later, and also played some on 1.32. I have been in alot FT clans in 1.16 and also played in different clans on 1.32.
    I havent played continusly since 2002-03, the last 5-6 years i have only played Quake once in a while, until recently where i started playing alot.

    I hope someone sees this post and find me interresting, you can always add me, and i will gladly speak with you.


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    Junior Member ratukas is on a distinguished road
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    Hi! I would like to join your clan

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    not bad at all, NmH could use you! i sent a friend request

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    Hi :)


    I live in Denmark But i come from Poland . Im old school Player ( 27 y ). Today i come back to this game and looking for Firends to PLay together . If You want to play some ... Just Let me know

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