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sens 4 at 800 dpi is a bit high, 12 cm/360.

For me personally I used to use my wrist a lot in games. At some point I started having a lot of wrist pain, so I decided that I wouldn't move my wrist at all when I played games period. After a couple weeks I was playing fine that way.

A year or so later I introduced some wrist movement back in, but I am careful not to move my wrist too much to the right.

Here's Cypher using a low sens, albeit with some accel:


..and Dahang using medium sens (26 cm/360) , but with a lot of wrist movement:


Here's rapha, high-ish sens with high accel, picking up the mouse quite a bit:


The super strong Latrommi, with high sens and extremely high accel, not surprisingly, mostly wrist:


Av3k, with low sens and high accel, wrist only for small motions:


..and lastly Strenx with low sens, some accel (from the mouse), using a horrifying hodge podge of both arm and wrist that makes my wrist hurt just looking at it:

Thanks for posting this lorfa, found it very interesting.

I guess my perception of using the forearm is different, most of them look wrist heavy with a very stable forearm, but I can see how the forearm is controlling the movement, and noticed a lot of lifting.

Currently using 450 dpi with 4 in game sense, which I think is about 30cm 360, working pretty great, appreciate advice from people here.