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Thread: LF US CLAN, Preferably EST

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    LF US CLAN, Preferably EST

    Looking for US clan, preferably east, and with voice chat. I am an experienced tournament player from UT2004 looking to get back into the FPS world. Have about 10 hours quake experience so far and feel I am doing pretty well. Working on my half beat strafe jumping right now.

    My game type of choice has always been TDM, but unfortunately it seems everyone is in love with mindless CA. I am open to CA, if that's all there is anymore.

    Voice chat is a must. A clan that doesn't use voice chat strikes me as just a group of people with the same tag who probably do not know each other very well are not interested in improving teamwork. You don't need to be super skilled to work well as a team.

    Thanks for your consideration.
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