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Thread: Plugin fail while playing

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    Quote Originally Posted by fonsxe View Post
    Usage share of operating systems:

    Windows: 90.81%
    OS X: 7.26%

    There's your answer. It's just not economically viable to cater too much to an OS that is barely used percentage wise.
    You forgot Linux with it's massive 1.52% marketshare. Even Carmack said the Linux QL plugin is much better than the Mac one.

    It may not be economically feasible to support minority OSes, but it'd be nice if the Mac plugin was at least on par with the Linux one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrClams View Post
    Just spam id Software with your crash reports until they either ban you or fix the plugin. Or start a "id Hates Mac Users" blog. Or start cyber-hounding John Carmack. Or make voodoo dolls of various id employees and stick them full of needles.

    Seriously though, I just play with the Mac plugin and endure the crashes, which seem to come in bunches. It's either that or play in Linux or Windows, until id deigns to fix the crappy Mac plugin. Apple may be one of the biggest, wealthiest companies in the world, but when it comes to desktop games, no one really gives a **** about Apple. Perhaps because Apple never really gave a **** about games. On iOS, of course, it's a different story.
    True. Thing is: we do exist haha
    I use Apple for work and unfortunately I can't afford a PC just for games.
    I hope there will be improvement for us because the game keeps crashing every day nearby 10 times until I give up

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    my plugin keeps crashing on my mac also and i got mac through school and cant bootcamp it this is y i hate macs no decent games 2 play on it

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