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Thread: Weird ping

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    Weird ping

    Hello.I have a strange problem with ping.The most of players play quake on deu server, and the main reason of this post is the 130 ping in deu server.Before with same connection(usb 2.0 zte modem 21.6mbit/s)i had 75-80 ping and in milan server i have 60-65 ping.This is funny because i have better ping in Mainhead(80-85),Stockholm(85-90)and etc...
    I tryed to see is it problem in my conection and it route or something like that,but everything is fine!
    Sorry because of my english I am from Croatia.I would be happy if this problem can be fixed because i love to play quake and most of my friends are playin on deu server

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    This is most likely a routing issue w/ your ISP.

    One thing you can try is to renew your IP w/ the hope of landing on a different subnet that gives you a more advantageous route to the deu gaming server. You can do this by logging into your router (Assuming you're using a router), and cloning the router's mac address to something different, then rebooting your modem and router. Your IP is typically tied to your router (if you're using one) or your modem's mac address. You can reboot your modem a million times and you'll get the same IP because your mac address hasn't changed.

    Write down your public IP address (Type, 'What's my IP' in google and it will tell u). Record the 1st two octets xxx.xxx

    Change the mac address on your router, save, then reboot your modem and router. Check to see if your IP has changed, more importantly, check to see if the first two octets changed to something different than the original. If the first two octets are the same, you're still on the same subnet and you'll get the same 'weird ping.' Rinse and repeat 5-7 times to see if you can change your subnet.

    If that fails and you can't land yourself on a different subnet, I recommend looking into wtfast.com

    WTFAST is a proxy gaming service that alters your routing to a more advantageous route for gaming serves. Try it out, works for most.

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