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And for the CA duel you pointed out, I'm not sure what to say. I truly had no idea and didn't see any of the things that you did in terms of the opponent's position. Maybe I'm just not listening close enough but I really had no idea.
Well it was obvious to me watching the demo regularly, but one thing you can do to help things is this:

Install Wolfcam. Latest version here.

Then watch your demo with cg_wh 1. It will show the enemy positions in cases where you are close enough. It confirms everything I said.

Also bind some keys like this:

bind pgup "timescale 1"
bind pgdn "timescale 0.5"
bind leftarrow "rewind 10"

That way pgdn will be like a slow-mo, and left arrow will rewind 10 seconds.

But basically what I should be taking out of this is that I need to work on positioning and weapon choice as well as paying attention to positions of my opponents?
Don't worry so much about positioning at the moment, focus mostly on your opponent's location. Maybe a bit on weapon choice too.

Is there anything specifically I can do to become better at that? Like I said before, I simply wasn't getting any of the things that you were.
Well you did know some things like you concluded klee was coming out top because you saw him go up the stairs platform. It's just most of the time it's sorely lacking.

Concentrate on the opponent's position. It's like how you know where someone is at in your residence. You hear them make a noise in one place, and you know they can't just teleport somewhere else, they have to travel there. If they go fast you can hear them, if they go slow you can't, but you can consider where they might be based on how far they could have gone in the time allotted.

Over time you can gain a pretty strong prediction of how the enemy is traveling when you can't see them. Where they typically go, and how they handle situations.

You can also consider their motivation. While in duels item-based considerations are in order, in CA there are no items and so their motivation changes to them trying to get positions where they can escape if they run into trouble, and where they can shoot enemies more easily while the enemy has a harder time shooting them.

If it's a 2v1, the player left does not want to get pincered, so they will vacate an area if they think they're being closed in on, and they'll want to travel to another place where they have an escape opportunity and have a positional advantage. When you know the areas, and how they might get there you can get a pretty good feel for where they're at.

If they shoot any gun and you see its projectile, then you have a rough idea of its origin, and of course any sounds they make help tremendously.