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Thread: Plug-in won't load (recent issue)

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    Plug-in won't load (recent issue)

    Hey there !

    I've been having some issues the last few days : Quakelive plug-in won't load on both Chrome and Firefox latest versions. First it always tells me that I need to download QuakeLivePlugin_520, and if I click on the link saying "Click here if quakelive doesn't load", I arrive on the main screen browsing the games, but I can't join any game as it says I'm downloading required data. This is the first time it happens, I've not changed anything with my conf.

    I'm a mac user using 10.6.8 version of Os X.

    Can anyone help ?


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    I've just registered and am having the same sort of problem. Running the same system too; mac, osx. After installing the plugin my system froze. The plugin had installed so I logged into quake live again and it asked me to install the plugin again, then froze again.

    Forcequit, login, freeze. Every time for about ten times now. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I've heard a lot that it runs best on Safari.

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    Just started giving this error in Safari now too...

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    Ah, had this issue, figured out I didn't have any free space on the harddrive, deleted some stuff, empty trash, restart Safari, plugin loads up as normal.

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    Go into browser settings and make sure the plugin/extension is not just "disabled".
    Just in case. (The OS or browser might think the plugin is outdated or unsafe or something and disabled it.)

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