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Thread: What am I doing wrong in clan arena?

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    What am I doing wrong in clan arena?

    I feel like I having been playing for some time now, yet I don't do very well in clan arena. I have made sure that I don't have a handicap on but I consistently do less damage than anyone else. Does anyone here have any idea what mistakes I might be making? I recorded a demo. Here is the link.


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    Where to begin..

    * You're using the Orbb model, how can you stand his jump sounds? :-)

    * You never strafe jump, opting to run the regular speed instead, despite the large distances involved on chemical reaction. Maybe this is to avoid the annoying Orbb model sounds? hehe

    * Rarely did you shoot the ground with the rocket launcher, instead aiming for the direct hit. Direct hits are difficult, and while you shouldn't completely forget about them, they should comprise only a small percentage of the shots that you attempt. While you can splash the side of walls, it's far more likely that you'll get damage from splashing the floor. A lot of players will rest their crosshair lower in anticipation of such situations.

    * Non-existent weapon choice. Trying to rail at mid and close range when LG would have been great. RL at long range when rail might work better.

    * A lot of times your teammates engaged the enemy, and you just plain went the other direction. Or you would see the enemy, and just go the other way. Not surprising that you missed out on many opportunities for damage.

    * Strange acknowledgement of game sounds. The enemy could be clearly heard to your left and you'd go right as if you didn't hear it. Yet other times you'd hear activity and appear to respond to it, albeit in a delayed fashion.

    * Lack of map knowledge. Plenty of times you seemed disoriented and didn't appear to have a clear goal or direction. Confusion around teleporters, indecision, etc.

    * Never made use of your walk key that I can remember. Walking quiets your footsteps so that the enemy cannot hear you coming. If you're going to sneak around and play more defensively, it makes sense to do some walking.

    * Mousing looked sloppy and loose, and rather dissociated from the movement keys.

    Try this exercise to practice syncing things up:


    I apologize for the poor quality, but the concept should still come across.

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    Yeah, the only advice you should listen to as of now is to learn the game mechanics. Don't try anything more complicated than that until you've got them down. Start with strafe jumping.

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    Thanks guys, I will work on my strafe jumping.

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