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Thread: No Sound At All

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    No Sound At All

    Installed on my windows 7 machine using the Firefox browser, and I have zero sound. Everything else seems to be running fine.

    In the console I found

    ----- Sound Info -----
    sound system is muted
    1 stereo
    32768 samples

    My game volume is set at default, I've never played quakelive on this machine/account before, and I have no idea what/if there is a console command that will unmute the sound for me. Youtube sounds fine just one tab over, but I can't hear a thing in quakelive.

    I have tried:

    s_initsound in console; mine is set to 1

    s_volume in console; mine is set to .63

    Yelling at my monitor

    Apologizing to my monitor



    Nothing seems to work. Please help!

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    What sound card do you have?

    One thing you might try is using a different browser, say chrome. That shouldn't be necessary though.

    Apparently IE has a setting that can disable sound detection in QL, so it would stand to reason that Firefox would to. Are you running anything special in Firefox?

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    Anyone have a solution to this? I have the same problem and not even reinstalling browser (with all settings and reg entries deleted) could fix this issue...

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