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Thread: Suggestion for Facebook Code Giveaway

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    Suggestion for Facebook Code Giveaway

    Hello dear QL-Team,

    i wanted to make a suggestion concerning the throwing out of pro-codes on facebook. First of all i'd like to thank you even tho i got no code yet i think its a great thing that you're handing out free codes, but, please consider that your community is a bit more then just the facebook addicted people which are hanging on FB with their phone 24 hours a day, because actually that are the people getting the codes all the time. A real oldskool quake player like iam one (playing since Q1) is mostly an older guy that uses FB here and there but we are supporting the game series and also QL of course since it started and basically we dont have a chance to get such a code. Therefor i please you to rethink maybe to hand out some codes for the people supporting you since day1 or since a long time, or make some kind of event ingame, where everyone has a chance to get a code, not only the facebook-addicted. I hope you understand what iam trying to tell you, my english is not the best!


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    They do it on IRC too.

    [00:47:41] <@SyncError|home> 5158b81d-
    [00:47:45] <@SyncError|home> f8b0-
    [00:47:49] <@SyncError|home> 4dcc-
    [00:47:53] <@SyncError|home> b6d4-
    [00:47:53] <@SyncError|home> 53c37f71c951
    [00:49:04] <@SyncError|home> ^
    [00:49:04] <@SyncError|home> r
    [00:49:05] <@SyncError|home> e
    [00:49:06] <@SyncError|home> d
    [00:49:07] <@SyncError|home> e
    [00:49:07] <@SyncError|home> e
    [00:49:08] <@SyncError|home> m
    [00:49:22] * sponge ([email protected]) has joined #quakelive
    [00:49:22] <sponge> i agree
    [00:51:41] <@SyncError|home> I'll give irc like another minute or two.
    [00:51:51] <@SyncError|home> Then I'll go paste it to fb where it'll get redeemed in under 10 seconds.

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    They give away subscription codes on twitch streams too (faceit, zootlive)

    Another suggestion for promoting the game through facebook - add advert on quakelive com: "Like quakelive on facebook for a 7 day code!"

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    also sync puts them in screen shots in chat etc so you can grab it,so you only need to look carefully
    Quote Originally Posted by Downlink View Post
    Add A Killcam Maybe?
    Only available for COD MW3 owners!Coming soon i next update....

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