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Thread: new movie: born to kill 2

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    new movie: born to kill 2

    Hello everyone! I apologize for my gibberish, since I am from Russia and I do not know English). Our country has long been on the streets do not have bears roam and Quake. Interest in the quake I had back in 2005. I used to play in Defrag, was two clans and making movies (still do not have a normal internet and I could not put them in the Internet) and to modify Defrag maps (maps for reference below). After reviewing a bunch of movie, I was more impressed with all «quaked 3 by fei and robo-k1ll». We would like to do something worthwhile at this movie. At this point now, unfortunately, not a lot of video on quake live and it needs to be corrected! I invite you to take part in this! To do this, anyone can send demos with the best moments of my e-mail. I want to warn once that movie will not come out very soon, so as to create a good video requires a lot of time.
    Each player can send no more than three points. All questions can ask on the forum and send the mail.
    Title demos should be:
    nik_map_ time since.dm73
    My contacts:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Adds a friend: http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/summary/eng1neer
    Waiting for your beautiful frags!

    P.s. If anyone is interested in my work, here is a list of maps (defrag):
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