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Thread: Option to buy Pro membership for life.

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    Option to buy Pro membership for life.

    I really dislike the monthly cost payment method. I have played Quake for many, many years and love this game and would have no problem paying for it. But having a subscription sitting and just ticking away at my bank account doesn't sit well with me.

    Give me an option to pay a one time sum and be done with it. Make it a ridiculously high price, ($100? $200?), whatever it takes to make it worth while for Id. And you can keep the current subscription options just the way they are.
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    This topic was brought up in the "Subscribers Only" forum..It did not get far..And I think that is as far as its going to ever get...Good Luck with this one.........

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    lowlife1 is talking about this thread :

    If you can't read it, I can copy a part of it...

    Quote Originally Posted by FlashSoul View Post
    Assuming QL keeps going forever and that you keep playing forever, the cost to let you play would be infinite. Of course, they can't ask you to pay infinite money, can they? The cost for an infinite subscription could however be enough money to ensure that, once invested, it brings enough profit every year to cover your costs. Let's say about $40 a year in interest, assuming there's no inflation. If we take an interest rate of 5%, the infinite subscription would cost $800.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolMike View Post
    You should adjust FlashSoul's number downward to take into account the average lifetime player attrition rate. Even lifetime members eventually move onto other things (on average after x number of years where x is likely a variable with a Weibull distribution).

    Furthermore you would want to base the number off of a finite game lifespan. For example, chose a number that is larger than the expected QL lifespan. If you chose 10 years as the lifespan than you are pretty safe. If in ten years the game is still alive and healthy then you must have been extremely successful and therefore the existence of a handful of lifetime members won't hurt you.

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