For anyone that wants more than just one zoom fov, here you go!
Just bind the keys you want, paste in .cfg and then ready up!

Note: This wont work correctly without "cg_zoomtoggle 1". Make sure to change that.



bind <KEY> "vstr zoom1; +zoom" //ZOOM ON/OFF BUTTON
bind <KEY> "vstr zup" //ZOOM-IN BUTTON
bind <KEY> "vstr zdn" //ZOOM-OUT BUTTON

set zdn vstr zoom2
set zup vstr zoom3

set zoom1 "set cg_zoomfov 70; set zdn vstr zoom3; set zup vstr zoom2"
set zoom2 "set cg_zoomfov 50; set zdn vstr zoom1; set zup vstr zoom3"
set zoom3 "set cg_zoomfov 35; set zdn vstr zoom2; set zup vstr zoom1"