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Thread: Quake 4's "Placebo"

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    Quake 4's "Placebo"

    This was a cool map,it would be sweet to see this again!! How can it happen??

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    lol make it i guess. I've been trying to get into making maps but hard to find people to know how to do it. Ill look up the map and see if i can make it but itd be cool to have a couple of mappers to help me start making some really cool maps

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    Junior Member F9Tommy is on a distinguished road
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    Follow the sticky instructions in Mapper's corner for getting started, and then actually build the first map along with the tutorial videos. Doing it once with live instruction will give you a feel for how to navigate the software. Then move on to creating something totally new and learn new tidbits as you need them, you will end up picking it up pretty quickly.

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    I would have looked, give placebo.pk4

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