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Thread: Installing Quake Live plugin on TorBrowser

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    Installing Quake Live plugin on TorBrowser

    I use TorBrowser regularly and would definitely like to play Quake Live in it, but since the Quake Live plugin installer automatically finds the browser you use, I can't install it on TorBrowser. Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance, and bonus points if it'll work on a memory stick

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    I'm curious why you would want to do this. I would guess that the onion process they utilize would be similar to joining through proxy and would significantly hurt your ping. I'd be curious if you can get this to work how you did it and if it changed your ping much at all.

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    You can run QL in Firefox and Tor from a usb at the same time.. Howsover, as said.. Your ping will suffer. It will SUFFER GREATLY--THIS IS A STUPID THING TO DO!!!.

    And as Tor is sponsored by volunteers,You really shouldn't waste their bandwidth by gaming..or torrenting,etc. Tor was set up so people can access the Internet from Countries that want complete control .

    If you wish to stay anon.. You should pay for a VPN service..And not clog up Tor/Onion.

    Anyway.. Read here on running Tor on a flash drive..

    It's people like you that do not appreciate what Tor/Onion is really for..
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